5 Habits to Learn From Pro Football players

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Habits can either make a person or break a person. Footballers don’t become professionals by accident. Reaching the top level requires years of consistent hard-work and dedication. Here are some of the habits to learn from pro football players.

1. Be A Competitor

Every pro player who plays at the highest level either love winning or absolutely hate to lose!

This is what gives them the competitive spirit.

That is what drives them to perform in every game and every training session.

A lot of players don’t mind losing a game but is it okay?

This totally depends upon how badly you want it.


When you don’t have that competitive spirit, how will you perform better??

If you’re not obsessed about the competitive aspect of the game, how will you go the extra mile???

Here’s what Rio Ferdinand had to say about CRISTIANO RONALDO‘s work ethic:

He told the BBC last year: ‘He is just a ridiculous professional, take the talent and put that to one side, you can have so much talent.

‘The mentality is key to everything about Cristiano Ronaldo, to sustain that level across 10-12 years, five Ballon d’Ors, winning all these trophies that he’s got.

‘To do that you need a particular mentality, the drive, the determination, to year on year try and improve. That’s what sets him apart. That’s what makes him special,‘ he said.

This is one of the habits to learn from pro football players like.

2. Always Put the Team First

One of the key habits to learn from pro players is they always put the team first!

Yes, we know you are desperate to stand out on the pitch, score a lot of goals and grab attention.

But having the mindset of putting your teammates first will take you a long way in football.

After all this is a team sport and no club wants to sign a trouble maker who don’t play for the team.

An individual can shine when the chemistry between the teammates is great.

For example: The Trio of MESSI-INIESTA-XAVI

They knew each others strengths and movements very well. It was just telepathic on how well they connected. 

If you can be a team player from day one and make your teammates better as well, obviously the success of your team will lead you play against bigger teams and better players.

This will guarantee to open new doors in the future.

3. Embrace New Challenges

Many pro players get comfortable in their surrounding and their zest to go on and perform in every game starts to fade away.

Do not get too content and comfortable at where you are!!

Most of the players have move to a different counrt to pursue their trade.

They train with players from different age groups. Train under different managers and play  different styles.

The main point is constantly evolving and putting yourself in new situations keeps you on the edge and requires your full focus all the time.

When you get comfortable and satisfied you will start to take things for granted and might not put in the work that’s required.

This will slow down your development as a player, which you surely do not want!!

This could mean switching to a better club in your area, trying new training routines and keep looking for new challenges.

4. Take Care of Yourself

If you want to have a long lasting football career you need to do these important things:


This will help you to be able to perform week-in, week-out and be match ready always.

This means you don’t wanna go too crazy partying or indulge yourself in silly activities that can possibly cause you injuries.


  1. You should dedicate enough time for proper recovery between training sessions.
  2. Start including injury preventing exercises into your routine.
  3. Sleep for minimum 7-8 hours.
  4. Have a rest day in between. Do not exhaust yourself too much.

  1. Proper nutrition is the key for a long lasting career.
  2. Feed your body organic food which are high in nutritional values.
  3. Eat 5-6 portions of small meals.
  4. Take supplements if recommended.
  5. Stay hydrated. 
  6. Avoid eating junk and oily food.

Adapt new training techniques as you grow old.

Professional football players are elite athletes and to remain on top level for years taking care of yourself and body is vital.  

5. Be Prepared for Criticism

If people starts hating you for no reason that means you’re doing something right.”

Unfortunately in your life and career will tell you stuff like,”you’re not good enough for that team”, “you’re wasting your time chasing your dreams”.

But you need to ignore the Nay-Sayers, have a thick skin and be focused on your dream. 

Also, be prepared for criticism as they are there to stay.

But never let it consume you!

Think about it, how many times does pro players hear negative things about them???


While feedback and constructed criticism is vital for development, you need to how to not get stuck listening to other people who try to tear you down.

Whether you like it or not, you will keep hearing bad things from the haters as you progress in your career and it’s something you have to learn how to deal with just like the best players out there do.

These are 5 habits to learn from Pro Football Players.

Surely, this is not a complete list, there’s much more to the game. Not many footballers follow these trades but the ones who do are TOP FOOTBALL PLAYERS! 
Even when they get older they are able to put in the work and perform every week.  There’s a reason why Messi and Ronaldo  who are in their 30’s and are still on top of their game for more than 15 years now!! While many other greats started to decline once they cross 30.

And if you find this post helpful about 5 habits to learn from pro football players helpful and are working on becoming a better football, you find our other content incredibly useful too.

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